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Government Of Assam Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Directorate of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Assam

Cases Detected

  • Position of detection of cases, number of person arrested and seized commodities etc. under the E.C. Act'1955, during the year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and upto March, 2017

    YearNos of raids / Cases detectedNos of arrested personCommodities seizedQuantity of seized articlesNos of licenses suspended / cancelledNos of persons prosecuted
    201396914S K Oil2263 Litrs583
    Rice103.96 Qtls
    20148333Rice24,875 Qtls1525
    201511553APL Rice2 Qtls4614
    MMASY5 Qtls
    S K Oil3256 litrs
    LPG  Cylinder55 nos
    MS170 Ltrs
    HSD100 Litrs
    20161676/67NilHSD300 LitersSuspended=53
    Cancelled = 5
    Shaw cause notice = 48
    MS339 Liters
    S K oil650 Ltrs
    LPG Cylinder13 nos
    Rice132.50 Qtls
    Iodised salt223 Qtls
    Mustard Oil138 Ltrs
    Pulses56.75 Qtls
    Palm Oil32 Ltrs
    Refine Oil69.6 Litrs
    Dalda3.75 Ltrs
    MDM  Rice121.86 Qtls
    NFSA Rice38.00 Qtls
    upto March
    302/122Rice827.690 QtlSuspended 42 Cancelled - 182
    S K oil220 Ltrs
    LPG Cylinder22 Nos
    M S210 Litrs
    HSD270 Litrs