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Amar Dukan

  • This scheme was launched by the Hon’ble Minister of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs on 24th December 2010 (National Consumers Day) at the RabindraBhawan, Guwahati. The scheme with the brand name and logo of “AAMAR DUKAN” and “JAGO GRAHAK JAGO” envisages providing of 23 (including iodized salt) essential non PDS MRP based food items to the Family Identity (FI) card holders of all categories and the general public, through FP shops with space, enterprise and a willingness to perform, throughout the State.

    5623 numbers of selected AAMAR DUKAN in the state are functioning.

    During the financial year 2014-15, a total of Rs. 500.00 lakh has been provided to 755 numbers of AAMAR DUKAN @ Rs 66,225.00 per AAMAR DUKAN with two fold objectives of enhancing infrastructure and for providing better services.

    Financial assistance of a total fund of Rs. 500.00 lakh has been provided for financial assistance to another 755 numbers of ‘AAMAR DUKAN’s during 2015-16.

    Amar Dukan is an Assamese term meaning 'Our Shop' to denote a notified Fair Price Shop in Assam which, besides providing the regular subsidized items under the Public Distribution System in India to the ration card holders, also sells some other essential commodities at reasonable rates fixed by the state Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department to the general consumers under an initiative of the state government to strengthen the Public Distribution System (PDS). These specially converted Fair Price Shops had started to function in many districts of the state since early 2011.

    This initiative on the part of the state government is also an attempt to tame spiraling prices of essential commodities and make them available to the common people at "significantly less" price compared to that in the open market. Items such as onions, potatoes, mustard oil, refined oil, soya oil, dal, atta, suji, maida, soap, milk, toothpaste, toothbrush hair oil etc. are some of the nearabout twenty one notified items which are kept by the Fair Price Shop-keeper in the Amar Dukan.